How good is the Coronga breeding flock?

Producing superior sires for the prime lamb industry began in 1994, and Coronga White Suffolks became the banner in 1997. The extensive use of A.I. has incorporated the best genetics available in Australia for over 20 years.

We continue to maintain above average values for ASBV’s with the aim to breed balanced rams. Pursuit of growth alone must not be at expense of high birth weights and lambs which are too lean. Muscling and meat can greatly improve the profit from lambs. Meat eating quality ASBV’s are incorporated in selection of stud sires
Note that Coronga averages are obtained from big numbers, not just a select group.

Sires used in 2017 included our very successful Farrer sire 2301392014140198, Bundarra Downs 122261, Woolumbool 151745, 2306492014140200, 2306492015150135, 2306492015150157, 2306492016160058, and 2301392014140018

The rams to be offered by Coronga in 2018 will be notable by improved growth without compromising birth weight, muscle and finish.

When using ASBVs and Indexes it is important to compare the individual animal’s values to the breed average and/or the percentile bands table to assess the animal’s relative merit and identify where it ranks within the breed.

If you require any further information regarding the use of ASBVs and Indexes, please contact the Sheep Genetics staff on 02 6773 2948.

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