Coronga has entered rams via semen and/or blood in Sheep Genetics Australia trials whenever possible, with results assisting our breeding programmes. 3 Coronga sires have been accepted, via semen, in the 2017 MLA Resource Flock joining.

The three selected rams are 2301392014140198, 2306492015150157, 2306492016160058.

Genomic testing continues to offer potential for increasing genetic gain, and Coronga  genomic tested all sires and 30 of the rams  in the 2016 Pick of the Drop Sale.

The CRC has identified genetic connections for meat eating quality MEQ and lean meat yield LMY. With a connection established between MEQ and intramuscular fat, it appears that CORONGA breeding programme is positioned “ahead of the game” in the demand from consumers, retailer and processors for predictable MEQ.

The Sheep CRC publication “Improving Lamb Lean Meat Yield” is great to get up to date with some of the research.

The availability of ASBV for meat eating quality traits provides more information for stud breeders to improve genetics. At this time, commercial lamb producers should be aware of the trends without concentrating too heavily on asbv which do not enhance their profit in the current market. Getting the optimum balance of asbv will continue to be the target at Coronga, allowing clients to select rams to optimise their profit within their breeding objectives.


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